June 13 2018 preschool

Happy Wednesday! 🙂

During our morning meeting today our friends practiced using their listening ears during show and shares! They did a great job sitting during the show and shares and asked some great questions! 🙂

Mabel brought in a record as an example of a circle! Our friends tried to guess what it was. It was a little bit tricky.. so we explained what a record was to them. They thought it was super cool! 🙂

Leo brought in his action figure, named “Falcon.” 🙂

Mack brought in his diver! We had a fun discussion about what a diver does. We talked about the different gear that they wear and where they work!

Lena wanted to share her key with the friends who weren’t here yesterday! She got pretty silly with it and pretended it was a whistle!

Orin brought in a funny story called, “Thank You, Octopus.” The kids LOVED how silly it was! 🙂

Here is a link to the story Orin brought in!
Today we also finished up our Father’s Day gifts! We set up 3 different stations for the gifts, one station was the card where we practiced writing, one was the gift where we painted and drew, and one was the wrapping paper where we used the dobber paint! They did a great job working at their stations and got very creative with their gifts! 🙂

ANNOUNCEMENT: We will be having a water day this Friday, June 15th. Please bring your child in wearing their swimsuit, some shoes that are okay getting wet, and water toys are allowed (please have  a discussion about sharing if they bring a toy in!) I will also allow water bottles outside! 🙂 
Have a great night!

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