Nursery 2 6/13

Happy Wednesday!!! First we would like to wish this little cutie a happy early birthday!!! Happy 1st Birthday Eliza!!! We hope your day is filled with tons smiles, giggles and yummy cake!!

Today we had a lot of gross motor play. Our friends were able to practice pulling up and crawling around the open space in the studio. We brought out the tunnel. Ms Danielle went through first and our older friends followed and were able to crawl through continuously. To make it more exciting we rolled through the tunnel so that our friends could chase the ball. A few of our friends kept the ball in their arms while they crawled through. A few of of our friends are newer to scooting. We placed them inside the tunnel towards the middle to see what they would do. Jake and Elizabeth began to push himself backwards through the tunnel. Maddie  decided to take in the new environment. 

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