Older Toddler 2 – 6/14/18

Hello OT2 friends and families! We had a fun morning playing little mouse and reading Jack and the Beanstalk. It was great talking about how Jack’s magic beans grew, and grew, and grew! After, we took a trip to the atelier to see how our sunflowers had grown since Monday when we planted them. It has been so much fun seeing our plants change every day. Then we headed to the playground to run around with our OT1 friends. We headed straight for a nature walk after outside time. During our walk we stopped to listen to the trees blow in the wind and the birds chirp. We even got to see a bird adding sticks to her nest! We love spending time outside when the weather is nice, there is so much to learn from the world around us!

Thanks for reading! We will see you at pick-up.

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