Younger Toddler 2- 7/13/18

Younger Toddler 2- July 13, 2018

Happy Friday the 13th! We hope you are all having a fantastic day! 🙂

Today our friends were feeling lucky and put their balance to the test! Our friends each got the opportunity to practice their balance on a giant yoga ball and balance steps. Practicing their balance is good for strength and coordination, which will help them to grow big and strong 🙂

Sticking to the theme of the yoga ball, our friends also did some yoga today! They reached for the sky, touched their toes, and stretched as their teachers modeled what yoga positions to do. They all had a blast extending their tiny limbs! 🙂

Here are just some cute pictures because our friends are adorable 🙂

See you at pick up! 🙂 -YT2 Team

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