Older Toddler 2 – 09/13/18

Happy Thursday OT2 Families!

We had an interesting morning in OT2 today (in the whole school, actually). We had a fire drill! Our teachers first explained what was going to happen and what we were going to do when we heard the loud sound. We did not use the colorful rope to walk out this time; instead, our friends were told they could use their hands to cover their ears. They were also reminded to use their walking feet when walking out of the school into the sidewalk.

This picture was taken before the alarm went off. Some of our friends were already scared, but all of them did such a great job following directions!

When everything came back to normality, we came back to our classroom to enjoy our delicious snack. The fire drill that had just happened led to a really interesting conversation when we were all at the table. “Did the loud sound go home?”, asked Wynn. “No more funny sound! It’s taking a nap.”, answered Tegan. “All done!” (referring to the sound), replied Max and Luke. We concluded our conversation by saying that we can be brave even if we feel scared. All our OT2 friends were really brave this morning!

After our morning snack, we followed our daily routine. We spent some time in the playground playing with our OT1 friends, and then went on a nature walk!

When we were back in the classroom again, we continued our Ocean Investigation. Today we learned about clown fish, and we got to paint our own clown “fishies”. We first watched a video about how clown fish live in the ocean. We noticed that the fish in the video looked like a fish that some of us have seen before; they looked like Nemo! So we decided to paint our clown fish orange just like Nemo from the movie!

Thank you for reading! We’ll see you at pick-up!

-OT2 Team

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