Older Toddler 1! 9/14/18

Happy Friday! Our friends had so much fun in Older Toddler 1 today. We had a fun circle time, followed by a yummy snack. After that, we rode bikes and played in the sandbox outside. We cooled off in the classroom with a few books and then began our activity. Each friend had their very own square sheet of paper placed in front of them at the table. I asked everyone to take their favorite colors and paint a picture of something that made them HAPPY. Our friends painted all sorts of things that made them HAPPY! David painted a monkey, Hazel and Jackson painted a rainbow, and Tommy told his friends that he was painting a “happy picture”. Seeing all of the beautiful artwork hanging up in our classroom sure makes me HAPPY!!


Here is the link for the additional photos from our day:


Have a wonderful weekend!

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