Older Toddler 2 – 09/14/18

Happy Friday OT2 Families! We hope you all are enjoying this beautiful day as much as we are!

During circle time this morning, we talked about how awesome our week has been and how much fun we have had learning about the Ocean and about some of the interesting creatures that live in it. We then read some books before we sat at the table for snack.

After our delicious snack, we headed outside to ride bikes and make cakes in the sandbox along with our OT1 friends.

We then went for a really short walk and sang a few songs as we walked. When we were back in our classroom, we practiced singing and dancing to one of our favorite songs, The Football Team, a little different this time. Instead of siting down and tapping our laps, we stood up in a circle and clapped our hands. When our name was called, we would walk to the middle of the circle and perform our best dance moves!

After resting our bodies for a little bit, we sat down to watch a video that showed us the biggest animal not only in the ocean but in the whole world: the whale! Our friends were amazed by the size of a real whale and even tried to imitate the sounds that whales make! We then decided to paint our whales, even though ours were not going to be as “huge” as the ones from the videos. We used paper plates and pretended they were baby whales.

Thank you for reading! We hope you all have a great, fun weekend! We’ll see you at pick-up!

-OT2 Team

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