Our Mission

The Green Bean Day School & Nursery is a nurturing, eco-friendly environment for children aged six-weeks to six-years old. Family owned and operated since 2009, we are Chicago’s first Reggio Emilia-inspired early childhood education program. We are proud to offer high-quality childcare and education in a carefully-designed environment to support relationships among children, parents and educators.


Photo by Vision Champion.

The Green Bean is based on the internationally-acclaimed Reggio Emilia Approach, with an educational philosophy based on fostering children’s interests which combines:

• The development of verbal, motor, social and critical-thinking skills through a developmentally-appropriate, arts-integrated and play-based curriculum.

• An open and sun-filled environment, creating the perfect setting for a child to learn while discovering and engaging each of the five senses

• Collaboration with parents, teachers and students.

• Documentation of the child’s explorations and process of learning.

The Green Bean is founded on the notion that children, their families, and societies all benefit from high-quality early childhood programs. Long-term projects and open-ended discussions bring together language activities, social studies, science, dramatic play and artistic expression, providing young children with an environment which encourages active exploration and discovery. Together we question, investigate, negotiate, and learn. We see ourselves as teachers, caregivers and, above all, partners dedicated to working with families and helping children realize their fullest potential.

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