YT1- 6/14

Happy Thursday YT1 Families!

Today was an exciting day for us here in YT1 because we had a second music class this week. Our friends had such a blast with Tiny tunemakers today since it was a promotional video they made sure to have extra musicalĀ props for us to use. Our friends did so well, singing and dancing along the whole time, and even our friends who aren’t here on Monday’s tried to sing along as well!

We also played with some ice and water today too. While playing with the ice our friends commented on how cold it is, and then talked about how the ice was melting saying things like “ice wawa” and showing us their hands to see the water drip down. After playing with the ice and water, we put water into our sensory table and threw some balls in to splash around with. Our friends quickly figured out that if they bounced a ball into the sensory bin water would splash EVERYWHERE, and everyone loved getting splashed. Even the friends who typically don’t like being splashed by water in the sensory bin seemed to be okay with being splashed by a ball in the sensory bin.

Have a great evening everyone!
-The YT1 Team

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