Preschool 6/14/18


During our morning meeting today our friends had fun discussing circles! We played a fun game where each of our friends had to search the room for a circle! When they brought them back to the carpet we compared the different circles. We talked about which circle was the biggest and which was the smallest! Some circles even had a smaller circle inside the bigger circle! 🙂
After our shape activity we danced to the super silly song Tooty Ta! 🙂
Here is the spotify playlist for our classroom!

REMINDER: We are having water day tomorrow! Please bring your child in their swimsuit in the morning! 🙂

Finn’s awesome lego creation!

Dani’s house, “this is the kitchen” he said!

Nora exploring the logs!

Nicky’s train!

Dani’s finished house!

Lena making dad’s Fathers’s Day card

working on Father’s Day cards!

Have a great night!

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