Nursery 2-7/12

Good Afternoon! For today’s activity we brought out the flour dough clay class from yesterday. This time we placed strings on the clay rolled them up and left the ends to hang out. The purpose of this was for the babies to work on problem solving by figuring out ways to free the strings. Also, fine motor skills so they could work on grasping and finger usage. Our friends were excited to see the clay again. They tapped and crumbled the clay immediately before noticing the strings. Some of our friends still preferred to explore the clay even after discovering the string. Others worked on pullling the strings. Grace’s string came right out and she waved it around. The strings of our other friends were a little more snug so many of them began to gently pull the strings or break of tiny pieces of clay at a time. After a few minutes we helped them free the strings and they were able to play with them freely. Thanks for reading! 

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