Nursery 3! 7/13/2018

We are working on: building, following directions, sequence of actions

This fun Friday started with some building and stacking with our soft blocks.

Our class was very interested in throwing the soft blocks, shaking them, and tearing down any stacks their teachers helped build.

We also spent the afternoon doing “circle time” with our class! We sat them down on our bench and sang through a couple of songs together. We sang Wheels on the Bus, where Patrick and Spencer totally got into the moves, and Bumblebee, which elicited a lot of laughter. With repetition and practice, our infants will be able to follow the movements of these songs! Our older classrooms usually start their days with circle time, where everyone gathers together and go through some morning routines. It’s a time to focus and get ready for the day! Sitting as a group and singing some songs was a great way to practice our own version!

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