Older Toddler 2 – 7/13/18

Happy Friday OT2 Families!

Today our friends have been really excited , so there’s been lots of singing and dancing in the OT2 classroom. During morning circle time, our friends pretended their arms were tree branches as we sang the Tree Song. Our friends really were in the mood for singing, so as they enjoyed their morning snack, we sang the Shirt Song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We then headed out to the playground to enjoy the warm weather along with our friends from OT1.

After some time playing outside, we went on a nature walk and still in the singing mood! We sang a few songs as we walked, and we waved good-bye to all the doggies we saw on the sidewalks!


After our walk, we stretched our arms and legs by doing some yoga poses and then kept singing and dancing! This time we sang and danced to the Football Team Song (one of our favorites!) and even played some music instruments!

Thank you for reading! We’ll see you later!

-OT2 Team

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