Preschool July 13, 2018

HAPPY FRIDAY! Miss Alex here!

We had so many great Show and Shares today! Dani had his very own hook like Maui’s, and it lit up when he pressed a button. He walked around the circle and showed each of his friends how it worked. Edie brought her a rock from her rock collection at home, which has “four rocks.” Rowan showed us her little brother’s toy phone that has “spikes” on the side. Leo drove his mini-police car around the rug, and Mack showed us his Cubs hat!


In honor of Mabel’s last day with our class, she brought her book “Dragons Love Tacos”, and we had a Moana dance party!

And last but not least, the preschool room definitely showed off their creativity today by making all kinds of buildings, ramps, and houses!

We learned a LOT about how using multiple sizes and levels can create cool structures for our cars to drive on.


Have an amazing weekend everyone! See you Monday!

Miss Alex

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