YT1- 8/10

Happy Friday YT1 Families!


We had another great day here in YT1. Today was the first day some of our friends had a chance to feed Fishy! Since the beta fish food is a little too big for Fishy to eat, our friends have to crush the food first. Once the food was crushed we fed Fishy and watched him suck up the food that was floating on top of the water! Each day two of our friends will each get a chance to crush one pellet and feed Fishy!

We also tried fishing again today but rather than using the floating ducks we tried to catch the little sharks we have in the sensory table. This added another level of difficulty because the sharks were at the bottom of the table rather than floating in the water. Our friends also used the fishing net to grab rocks and seashells from the bottom of the table. *We gave friends the option of doing this activity with their shirts off, and some said yes, which is why not everyone has shirts off in the pictures*

Have a great weekend everyone!

-The YT1 Team

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