Older Toddler 1! 8/10/18

Happy Friday! It really was a happy day with all of our friends in OT1 today! We sang and danced during circle time, ate a delicious snack, and went outside to play with our Older Toddler 2 friends. Afterwards, we sat down with a nice book and then began our activity. A few days ago, we made some water beads for our classroom. They were such a big hit during yesterday’s activity that we thought we would pull them out again today! We placed the water beads in a shallow bin and then put the bin on top of our light table. Our friends were able to pick out all their favorite colors while naming all the colors of the rainbow! We love working with colors! They make everyone smile!

Here is the link for the additional photos from our day:


Have a great weekend! We will see you next week!

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