Older Toddler 2 – 7/10/18

Hello OT2 Families! Happy Friday!

We are having a fantastic day in OT2 so far! We started our day by making fun and awesome figures with play doh while listening to some music!


After our morning snack and some time playing outside, we came back in the classroom to keep learning about Space! Our friends really seem to enjoy learning about our solar system; they know almost all the planets’ names! Isn’t that amazing?!

During circle time, we learned about a new planet: Neptune! We read the book There’s No Place Like Space! by Tish Rabe and then watched three videos: one about all the planets, one about Neptune, and one about the stars just because we like to lay down and pretend we are looking at the night sky 😉

For our activity, we painted Neptune to add to our Solar System Board! We were running out of blue paint, so we got creative and used green and purple paint to create more different shades of blue! Enjoy the pictures!

Of course, we got excited and tried to mix the colors with our hands!


We’ll see you at pick-up!

-OT2 Team

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