Younger Toddler 2- 9/14/18

Younger Toddler 2- September 14, 2018

Happy National Live Creative Day! Today we highlight the creative imaginations of everyone, especially our little friends! In honor of today’s national holiday, our YT2 friends built a fort!!! We used our canopy and cloth map to build a mini house in our classroom! We also added some lights to our fort, so we could turn off the classroom light to make the house more interesting and mysterious. Our friends had a BLAST playing inside their fort (and our YT2 teachers had a great time remembering the good o’days when we would build forts haha)! 🙂 Please enjoy seeing the pictures of our creative friends!!!


We also took some pictures of our adorable friends playing outside on the playground! Aren’t they the cutest?! 🙂

Have a GREAT rest of your Friday! Let us know if you have any cool plans for this weekend 🙂 -YT2 Team

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