Happy Friday YT1 families!

We decided to splash around with our friends today! We filled up the sensory table today with water and had the toddlers pick from the basket of animals which creatures swim and which do not. The toddlers were able to successfully differentiate which animals can swim.  HOORAY for YT1! We also continued showing the dolphin show.  Since they have been asking for it and are completely invested in watching it. Some of our friends hadn’t had the chance to view the dolphin show and were thrilled to see dolphins jump in the air.  They pointed out that dolphins jump, and continued with trying to jump. They were ecstatic to jump alongside the dolphins.

At one point the video showed the dolphin’s blowhole squirting water. We then proceeded to try to explain to the toddlers that the hole on top of their heads was their nose. We went around showing our dolphin toy and pointed to the “nose”. While some friends were watching the dolphin show other friends were splashing around in the sensory table with the sea animals they had picked out. We noticed some of our friends were now making the toy dolphins jump in the water.  Then our friends started jumping and splashing water as well. We’re so glad the toddlers are observant enough to watch dolphins and make the comparison to their jumping.  Since today’s activity, we have been pretending to be jumping dolphins.


Have a great weekend everyone!

-The YT1 Team

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