I absolutely love this school with my whole heart. I honestly wish this level of care and creative fostering for all children, and have felt so fortunate to be here over the last 2.5 years. When we first started our daughter had already been in PT for low tone and did not start walking until pretty late in the game. During this challenging time of development for her, from 2-3 especially, every teacher she had went the extra mile to make sure her needs were being met. From our physical therapist being welcomed to show her teacher’s how to help her during the day to receiving extra help with her orthotics. Above all, she is currently doing awesome. It takes a village!

As we prepare to relocate in 2 months, I can’t help but to feel emotional every time I drop her off. Our moving away is what prompted me to write this review, to give thanks and appreciation for what has been such a rich experience for our entire family. It’s a truly beautiful community of teachers, children and parents. Jessica, your smile and heart is one of the most genuine and my child loves you. Thank you for all you’ve done for so many families. Miss Lindsey, you already know how we feel about you. We were the squeaky wheels who had our kiddo placed back into your class after it divided. You are so intelligent, nurturing and inspiring. You certainly helped me to grow into a more confidant mother. Miss Melissa, Miss Angela and Miss Ali, just wow, where do I possibly begin and end with you three? I will miss knowing my child is in the best care possible but feel more prepared through your examples to advocate for her in the most positive way. Nicole, you’re brilliant and are a wonderful mother yourself. Thank you for the village. We’ll miss you all so much.

If you’re considering the Green Bean for your child, I’m excited for you.


+ + + + + + +

We brought our son to the younger toddler room at Green Bean when he turned 15 months old and he remained there until he was 2. Prior to that we had him at a place that was walking distance from home, but we just didn’t feel 100% about it. Even though Green Bean was a little out of the way, it was well worth the extra effort taking him there. I cannot say enough terrific things about this place.

From day one, the teachers and staff created a warm, clean, comfortable environment and I felt so confident leaving him in their care. The Younger Toddler teachers Callie, Katie and Ashleigh are AMAZING! You can tell that they truly love working with children; it is their passion and career direction, which I think makes a huge difference, rather than someone just trying to earn a paycheck. They were kind and friendly and patient and at the end of the day our son didn’t want to leave.

The day is structured to include lots of play time, arts and crafts, and reading. Our son’s language and motor skills blossomed during his time there and everyday he would do or say something that he didn’t know the day before. They also have an awesome lot in the back with a giant sandbox and wooden tractor to climb on, and in the winter months, there is a large padded indoor dance studio for the kids to run around and get their energy out.

If we hadn’t moved, we would have kept our son here through preschool. My only complaint is that they don’t have another location in the town we moved to! : )


+ + + + + + +

Long story short… Don’t think about it twice. This is the best daycare in the city!
We brought our 15 month old son to the Green Bean after having a not so smooth experience at another daycare. Here we finally found the peace of mind that parents need when leaving their kids in someone else’s hands. Lots of play time and tons of love. We got daily photos of him playing with his buddies, which let us know he was having a fantastic time every day he went there. We were also very lucky to have Ms Callie, Ms Katie and Ms Ashleigh as his teachers. They are the best!! Couldn’t be luckier to have him join such a great place with such talented, great people to guide him through his development.


+ + + + + + +

My son started attending this daycare when he was 18 months old, and we never had to worry about anything since then. I have come to know how good this school is only after I have moved out of Chicago, and relocated to another state. There no preschool that comes close to what the Green Bean has to offer in my area. Everyday my son was looking forward to go to school and was super happy there. The teachers and staff are very prompt in responding to all your questions. In the younger toddler room his teacher created a great curriculum and play-activities for young children. Later when he moved to Older Toddler, his teachers miss Shannon and miss Heidi were just as amazing and super nice! They try and take the class out and allow them to explore in the nature. When the weather is bad they have a pretty big gym area. This is especially very important during the winter season, as kids never miss out on their play time. I honestly feel that this comes to be the best daycare/preschool in the Chicago area.


+ + + + + + +

My daughter got such a great start by going to Green Bean! She grew in her confidence, made good friends, and learned a ton. We especially loved her teacher, Ms. Ali, who is absolutely amazing and loving and we feel like we lucked out so much in having her. Green Bean is also extremely flexible in its part-time options especially its two and three day programs that can either be half-day or full time. We also enjoyed spending time outside school with other Green Bean families and it really felt like a close community. Our only wish is that they offered Kindergarten!


+ + + + + + +

The Green Bean was a second home to our boys for three years. After 20 months at home with a nanny, our oldest joined the Toddler Room and the staff could not have been more supportive in the difficult transition. After a few rough days, he began to enjoy and eventually embrace his new friends and teachers. From there, it just took off. The Preschool teachers, especially Melissa T., and Ali in Pre-k, really helped shape our son into the amazing five year old he is today and prepared him for kindergarten. Arts, music, dance, reading, writing, field trips, nature walks, healthy food and a caring environment were all key activities/qualities we found and appreciated at The Green Bean. When it was time to select child care for our second son, it was a no brainer to place him in the Nursery at 12 weeks. He immediately created a bond with the sweet Angela, which helped us beyond words and will stay with us always. To know that both of our boys were in a safe, loving environment was the piece of mind we needed. We miss The Green Bean – teachers, administrators, parents and friends – and highly recommend it to Chicago parents.

~Amanda & Josh, Parents of Will & Jack

+ + + + + + +

We were new to Chicago this past school year and the Green Bean was one of the best choices we made in our transition. The Green Bean family provided a welcoming and loving new home for our preschooler, trimming the vastness of the big city down to a safe, sweet, organized environment. At the Green Bean, every teacher and administrator takes great care and delight in each child’s individual growth. They create a space that holds each child in the strength of their own potential. They are organized, smart, wildly creative, and working to raise social and environmental consciousness through their curriculum and their own examples every day. They also attract a community full of families who are also creative and conscious. Our daughter grew so much this year, and the confidence she gained is invaluable. We will always be grateful for the experience Green Bean gave our family in our first year here in Chicago.

Mom to Gabi

+ + + + + + +

Our daughter has been in the younger toddler and older toddler classrooms at Green Bean. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this place. Within the first week, the teachers and directors got to know our family well and created a warm, loving environment for our daughter to thrive. The management puts a lot of emphasis on staff training, and the teachers go out of their way to answer parent questions and give feedback. This is the first daycare I’ve worked with where all of the teachers are fully engaged and love their work. Many of the teachers plan after-hours activities and field trips for families. Blog photos give parents a glimpse of daily activities. The facility is also top-quality, with tons of artwork, natural light, a brilliant garden/sandbox/play area and a large indoor exercise room. I have spoken with several parents in the infant program that are also having a great experience. The school is also very flexible with part-time jobs, which is very rare in the city. If you are searching for a daycare for your little one, I highly recommend this option.


+ + + + + + +

My son has been enrolled in the two half day a week preschool program and we couldn’t be happier! It was our first drop off program and the entire staff was so understanding with the transition. The Reggio Emilia play based learning approach they use at Green Bean is amazing. My son comes home from school in the best mood and talks about his teacher, Ms. Melissa (T) all the time. She is wonderful- caring, yet firm. I completely trust the entire staff with my little guy, which is a rare quality, I’ve found, when it comes to childcare. I also very much appreciate the daily blog and photos each teacher posts, I use then to talk to my son about what he did at school that day.


+ + + + + + +

We recently relocated to another state and transitioned to a new school. It is only now that I can truly grasp all that Green Bean Day School offers family and students. I looked at a number of new schools for preschool and pre-K and none of them compared to Green Bean when it came to having an integrated and complete curriculum. Many of the schools had a lot of unstructured free time and did not have good communication mechanisms to help parents understand what was going on in the classroom. Green Bean offers a balance of these things and we miss being part of their family.

A couple things that stand out at Green Bean:

Facility – when we first toured Green Bean, we really fell in love with the fact that the facility was warm, organized but not overwhelmingly huge. It is very comfortable.

Activities – we loved that the children would walk to surrounding parks and to places in the school’s neighborhood. There were also field trips that took the children to museums and places within the city. There were other schools that do not ever go outside of campus.

Special needs – our son had a significant speech delay and the school was welcoming and cooperative with having our therapists work at the school and in the classroom. His therapy sessions thrived when he was able to get this additional attention. The staff was very sensitive to what we needed and took interest in the therapists recommendations, which helped us succeed in growth and development.

If you are looking for a place that has a strong background in curriculum, a loving and nurturing staff and a place that is organized and has an emphasis on communication with families, this is the place for you. We cannot say enough good things about the Green Bean Day School.


+ + + + + + +

My wife and I had a very difficult time trying to decide where our little baby girl should go when we had to go back to work. We selected Green Bean because it felt like home. I would honestly love to hang out in an environment like this place all day. Its cozy and warm. Everyone has a smile on their face and it just feels relaxed. Ella loves going, and while I will admit it has been tough for the first few months with her getting sick constantly, we both expected that to happen everywhere. We get a daily blog of what her day is like, and each evening when I pick her up the ladies in her nursery room always keep us up to date on everything that happened.


+ + + + + + +

Our son spent over 2 years at the Green Bean from 5 months old to just over 3 and our daughter is there now, starting at 3 months. The staff and teachers at GB have loved and nurtured our children with the same tenderness, compassion and consistency that we strive for at home. There have been so many times over the past couple of years that my wife and I have said to each other, “We made a really great decision to send our kids to the Green Bean.” The sense of security and comfort that our children feel when they walk into GB is unmatched by any place outside of our home. Our son was always excited to be there in the morning and sometimes he just didn’t want to leave. Our daughter claps when she gets to the baby room in the morning. The teachers and staff are simply amazing. They’re knowledgeable, creative and patient. In fact, we’ve become better parents as a result of borrowing what they do at GB. Through our children’s friends we’ve also met some truly amazing people. We look forward to birthday parties and other social events at GB not only because our kids will have fun, but because we will enjoy the company of the adults as well.

If you trust the Green Bean with your children, you be thrilled with your decision, we certainly are.


+ + + + + + +

Another Green Bean parent and I were talking last night about our sadness that Green Bean doesn’t go up to high school level. My son spent almost two years there before he entered CPS pre-K and during that time he really came out of his shell, made friends, developed trusting relationships with his teachers. Through Green Bean’s re-enforcement, learned table manners, got potty trained, can count and spell his name–and entered pre-school ready and EXCITED about school because of his years at GB. I never, ever had a single complaint or doubt about the teachers, staff, facilities–anything. We feel fortunate that we have gotten to be part of the Green Bean family for so long and look forward to sending our younger son there in the fall.


+ + + + + + +

Our daughter spent nearly 2 years as a student at Green Bean, and we couldn’t have been happier with our experience. Not only did she learn and grow, but she really began to feel like the school was a second home. We always felt comfortable leaving her there, knowing that the caring and attentive faculty would look after her the same way her family would.

But beyond that – Green Bean is a place our daughter feels LOVED. She couldn’t wait to get there in the morning, and sometimes she didn’t want to leave at the end of the day. The school’s blog – updated daily with photos and descriptions – helped us keep up with what our little girl was doing each day. At every turn, we were made to feel a part of a real community of parents and kids, and we’ve made friends we’ll keep for years.

Our family feels so lucky to have found this amazing school.


+ + + + + + +

It pays to lament out loud! Which is what I did when we had a difficult time finding quality part-time daycare for our girl/boy twin infants. Luckily, an instructor at the gym mentioned that her son’s daycare may have space as they were moving larger digs in the current Elston/Webster location, (it has now grown to take over the neighboring dance studio). Luckily I put myself on the wait list months before they opened. We couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of care at Green Bean. It’s much more than a “daycare”. From the thoughtfully curated environment, to the care-givers & curriculum, to the organic/locally sourced meals to Miss Angela’s music class, there’s a personal touch that’s not found at the other child care facilities we looked at.

As cautious new parents, we tentatively started 2 mornings a week. After experiencing the warm and nurturing care of Madeline, Meghan & Ruby in the Nursery, we very quickly went from 2 to 3 full days a week, (and then 4 as space allowed). Green Bean is also open to cloth diapering, which is what we did at the beginning. After turning 1 and graduating to the Younger Toddler Room we increased to 5 days a week. I appreciate that some of the instructors are able to use their artistic backgrounds. Melissa T.’s dance background and study of movement analysis were especially helpful with our son’s physical therapy exercises – even a minute or two here and there was better than I could muster with twin infants. And Rebecca’s theatre background makes for confident and vibrant role-playing. The kids continue to enjoy and learn from activities I’d be reluctant to try at home: tie-dye for toddlers anyone? And of course, it’s always a joy to see how much the kids are doing and learning on the highly addictive private blog. I am able to share photos and (even videos in the Preschool Room) with grandparents and out of town family.

Once they graduated to the Older Toddler Room, Lindsey brought about a new level of focus to our terrific two-year olds. Their language skills exploded, and potty training was gently introduced. They seemed to turn into little people overnight. At 2 1/2 they moved to the Pre-School Room and the diapers came off for the whole day – they’re much braver than we are at home with our twins. They now have many accident free days.

I drop them off in the morning knowing that they have a fun-filled day of being intellectually and socially stimulated. The outdoor play area is one of the best I’ve seen, and the new indoor dance studio will get the sillies out in winter. The fact that they are never in a hurry to leave is a testament to the warmth of the place as a whole.

There are many “daycares” closer to our home, but I find the care and instruction at Green Bean Day School well worth the drive. Owner Nicole and Director Melissa have created a nurturing space filled with nurturing individuals.


+ + + + + + +

To my friends at Green Bean:

Thank you SO much for making me feel welcomed and comfortable every day I was at school! I LOVE all my new friends, my teachers, and everyone that made my experience so positive and fun! I will miss Green Bean SO much and mommy prays I enjoy my new school in the suburbs as much as the Green Bean. Thank you for being so wonderful! I’ll miss you all!


Jacob & Family

+ + + + + + +

At the time, Willy was my only baby.  And I had the same reservations about childcare that all mothers, and certainly first-time mothers share: what would he eat? Would he sleep?  Will he be happy?  Will he feel loved?  The staff at the Green Bean became like a second family to us and I never worried one bit about the food he put in his mouth, the mattress he slept on or the number of hugs he got each day.  They took care of my boy like he was their own.  I left the school each morning with such peace of mind, and a very firm belief that he was in excellent hands. When we moved and had to leave, I mourned – and my heart broke that I couldn’t drop off my second little one at the Green Bean each morning as I had her brother.  Willy is in preschool now, and the independence and courtesy he first learned at the Green Bean is serving him well.  I am and always will be so thankful.

~Abbie, mom of William & Eleanor

+ + + + + + +

Green Bean;
You all have been a huge part of Izzy’s life for almost a third of her three years! We all fell in love with the green bean and the people that make it what is is – from day 1.
Izzy’s world (both real & imaginary) is bigger & brighter because of you.
Thank you for taking such great care of her, teaching her amazing things, encouraging her & expanding her song list.

~Genevieve & Jason, parents of Ila & Izzy

+ + + + + + +

Green Bean;
We can’t even begin to thank you for your love, patience & humor with Henry. He, Justin & I think the world of you.

Its never easy to be away from your child, but you all have made it so that we were never worried about anything when Henry was at Green Bean.

You ladies have been amazing teachers and we thank you for all that you have shown Henry and for all of your guidance through the beginning of his terrible twos!
Thank you all so much!
~Jen & Justin, parents of Henry

+ + + + + + +

Green Bean:
I can’t believe our journey at Green Bean has come to an end. Beckett was my 7 mo old and Finn 10 weeks when they started. We never worried for a second when they were at Green Bean – we knew they were well taken care of, well fed & having fun with their friends. Thank you so much.  I know the boys will miss you a lot.

~Bridget & Tom, parents of Becket & Finn

+ + + + + + +

The Green Bean is not on our way to anything. We live in Ravenswood, and work on the east side of Lincoln Park. In fact, getting our kids to and from there adds a good half hour onto our commute. Every morning as I sit in traffic on Ashland I ask myself if it’s worth it. Especially when I drive by a brand new daycare that just opened literally a block from our house. And every morning when I leave my three month old and three year old in the loving hands of the teachers at Green Bean and walk out of the door stress free I am sure it is more than worth it! When I pick them up and see their smiling faces, when I get my daily email complete with pictures telling me about the creative and fun things they did all day- I know we are here to stay. There are no words for how incredibly stressful it was for me to think of leaving my two boys with anyone, since I had been lucky enough to stay home with my older son for his first three years. Now I was supposed to leave a three month old with strangers??

When I think about what it is that drew us to Green Bean I could list a million great things: I love the fact that both boys can be in the same place, that they have a huge awesome playground, that we can still use cloth diapers, the food they feed them is so healthy, the Reggio Emilia philosophy is great- but what it comes down to is kindness and respect for children. It is about employing teachers who truly want to be there, who truly love kids and babies, and who have smiles on their faces every day. There is such a calm about the school, I am surprised every time I leave that there is no chaos or overwhelming feeling like we felt every other place we visited. We have been there just about a month, and I honestly feel like my kids are loved when I am not there. What more can any parent possibly want?

I wish I could articulate how thankful I am that we found this little oasis of peace, and kindness, and love in what otherwise seems the institutionalized, sterile world of daycare. Thank you, Green Bean, for taking such good care of our boys.

~Britni, mom of Miles & Ezra

+ + + + + + +

Green Bean Ladies;

Thank you for making going back to work so easy! I never worried about Georgia (even when she wasn’t eating!) because I knew she was in excellent hands. We will miss you all very much. I hope we can find a place as great in Minneapolis. Thank you again! We wish you all the best.

~Courtney, Pete & Georgia


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